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AACOG Weatherization Assistance Program

Wilson County, Texas The Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) Weatherization Assistance Program has funding available to help low-income people, particularly households with elderly, handicapped or young children, overcome the high cost of energy through the installation of energy conservation measures at no cost to the applicant. These measures may include attic, wall and floor insulation; sealing areas of air leakage throughout the house and in air conditioning ducts; replacement of inefficient refrigerators and faulty water heaters; CFL lighting; carbon monoxide and smoke detectors; and repair or replacement of heating and air conditioning equipment.

This program is available to residents throughout the AACOG region.  Qualification for Weatherization Services is a two-step process.  The applicant must provide proof of citizenship or qualified resident alien status and the total household income for all adult members.  Secondly, the home itself must qualify in terms of structural soundness (no major roof repairs, plumbing leaks, foundation problems, faulty electrical wiring or similar structural issues).

The application, which provides details about the program and the documentation required for applying, is available at www.aacog.com/wapapp.  For additional information, please contact the Weatherization Assistance Intake Line at (210) 362-5282 or send an email to wap@aacog.com.


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