Texas Counties Deliver
Forms & Permits

Wilson County requires the permits listed below. For questions call 830-393-8357.

Permit Applications, Inspection Requests, and Fees

Fire/Health Inspection  Fees
Food Establishment Permit
OSSF Permits
      Single family residence not requiring a design and not in platted subdivision
      Single family residence with conventional system*, or design required, or in a platted                      subdivision
      All others (commercial or alternative systems**)
           *Conventional systems include, but are not limited to, pipe and gravel, graveless pipe, multi-pipe                            system, and leaching chambers.
            **Alternative systems include, but are not limited to, aerobic, low pressure dosing, lined and                                   unlined ET, and drip irrigation.


Wilson county 911 Address request form.pdf
Floodplain Development
Floodplain Development in SFHA
     Elevation Certificate Review, if applicable
Drainage Review, if applicable
       Temporary Construction  $100


For a complete list of permit applications and fees click here.